We are very lucky to be able to run a clinical Pilates service with our experienced physio, Grace. Grace has run many Pilates classes in previous job roles for all levels including mat-work and reformers. We run 5 classes a week at varying times.

One to one appointments 

Grace will see patients for an hour’s assessment to take your history and to go through some core teaching with you. She will assess your strength and give you bespoke exercises to move you in the right direction. She can discuss the classes with you and if they are right for you. She can then guide you through your Pilates journey until you are able to exercise independently or join one of our classes.


Classes will take place in our new rehab gym. As Grace will have already met with every member of the class individually, exercises can be adapted to suit your needs. Classes will be booked in blocks, costing £12 per session and run at the following times: 

  • Wednesdays at 1.30PM, 6.30PM and 7.35PM 
  • Fridays at 10AM and 11.05AM 

Should there be increased demand, we can look at putting on additional times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the sessions be run?

We will be running the sessions in 5-6 week blocks, aiming for 6 blocks a year. This is to try to avoid high holiday seasons such as the height of summer / Christmas etc to allow patients to attend as many as the sessions as possible.

What if I can’t make a session?

If you can let us know as far in advance as possible, we may have some flexibility to offer an alternative class as a one off, depending on availability. If this is not possible, each class member can transfer one class’ credit towards the next term.

What do I have to bring?

Just yourself, in sensible clothing and a drink. Everything else will be provided.  

What can I expect from the sessions?

The sessions will be an hour long in groups of no more than 8/10 participants. Each session will begin with a warm up, followed by a series of exercises in a variety of positions using small pilates equipment and end with a cool down. We will address general flexibility and mobility of the spine in addition to core strength and postural awareness. Our aim is to create a relaxed environment for exercising where you benefit from the skills of an experienced pilates instructor and physiotherapist. Grace will personalise exercises where appropriate and ensure you’re working at a level that suits you whilst maintaining the correct technique.