A thorough initial assessment and appropriate initial treatment with advice and a tailor-made programme for the individual to continue at home. This initial contact will take up to 55 minutes dependant on the condition.

Please be aware that during the assessment you may be required to remove some clothing in order to observe and feel around the injured area.

Having determined during the initial assessment the nature of the condition/ injury, follow up treatment will be provided to address an individuals problem. We encourage a programme of treatment to be developed by both the physiotherapist and the patient together. Patients will be expected to continue appropriate exercises at home and self management strategies. Please allow up to 40 minutes for this appointment.

A comprehensive running package looking at your injury, your movement, strength, performance and running style. We will provide you with exercises to enhance the progress as well as tips going forward. Please allow up to 75 minutes for this appointment and wear appropriate clothing for running (ideally shorts and a not too loose top to enable us to see clearly).

Following on from analysis, it is always useful to progress things to achieve your goals. A follow can compare your running from your assessment and point us in the right direction forward. Please allow up to 40 minutes for this appointment.

This appointment is essential prior to starting our Pilates service. Your strength and mobility will be assessed and consideration will be made to joining our group Pilates classes. Bespoke exercises will be given to progress your core strengthening. Please allow up to 60 minutes for this appointment.

These are payable in advance for blocks of 4-6 sessions according to the clinic timetable.

Please contact us for current / future dates and availability.

Payment methods

Payment can be taken during your appointment. We currently accept card, cash or BACS payment.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation otherwise charges may be incurred.

Private Healthcare clients: We are registered with the majority of private healthcare providers, please see examples below. Please check your policy for details, and contact your provider to check what services are included in your policy.

AXA PPP Healthcare

If your provider is not listed above, please contact us. This list is not exhaustive and we are always willing to accommodate new providers.