Running Analysis

Our running analysis sessions start with a thorough history, not just about injury but also about running training, frequency and how running fits into your life.

We then move onto physical tests, movement, strength and endurance. We look at how the body moves in challenging situations and where it may or may not be compensating.

We then looking at running itself, using video technology, we can slow your running down to look at the pressure of joints, work out which muscles are over or underactive and what the impact is on your running style.

If needed, we can then trial some running cues to see if we can alter the mechanics of how you run to alter the forces involved.

Finally, we provide a comprehensive exercise programme, to complement our findings and working together with you, find a solution to your running problems.

Case study

Initial assessment 

A young runner who was an ex-gymnast attended the clinic with outer right hip pain during running. She had started running a few weeks ago and was building up to 5km but was restricted by her pain. Recently, she was also developing outer knee pain.

Following a physical examination, there was weakness in her outer hip muscles and decreased control of her pelvis during single legged movements.

On running analysis, I noticed her pelvis dropping and her femur (thigh bone) falling in to the mid line.

Follow up at 6 weeks

6 weeks after her initial consultation, working hard on her running cues and exercises, she is able to run for 20 minutes pain free. She also has no residual pain following running. We are now working together to increase her distance to achieve her 5km goal.

Her pelvis is more even and she now has a “knee window”, both of which will take pressure off of her outer hip.